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Wild Re Work

I’m constantly re working my paintings, never satisfied I think I made my latest painting of my daughter even better.   The checkerboard in the back ground represents two things; one, she loves to play games, and two, she loves … Continue reading

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This painting is all about my daughter, Lana. WILD is the title and that she is. She love’s to play games, run fast, dress up in multiple costumes at one time, wear Indian headdress, make mean faces, and be the most amazing being on the universe!

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This is my latest painting of an optical migraine I had a few weeks ago.  I thought I was having a brain swell or hemorrhage, why else would I be seeing a crescent moon in the corner of my room?

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The Toccopola Project

The story of Munchkin     She was given to me as a kitten with severe nerve damage to her buttocks. I fed her with a bottle. She was without the use of her back legs and tail. I regularly … Continue reading

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