My latest painting, would like some thoughts or comments.



About toccopolasam

Artist Statement: I'm an outsider artist of women's traditional arts. I've been categorized both as a folk artist and south Gothic artist. I'm not sure either category fits me, but I know my art is informed by a feminine gaze. I distrust labels of this kind. Like my grandmother sewing, I do this because I consider it beautiful. I believe in making art that has a narrative, one that creates an ambiance contributing to the visual effect of the work. Like all Southerners raised in the specter of Lost Cause discourse, memories haunt me and my work as an artist. Although southern Gothic is generally rendered in ockers and gray because of multiple layers of decay on the genre, I use garish, Madi Gras colors in defiance of the myth that Scarlett O Hara is alive and well and living in Toccopola. My art searches the landscape for signs of the new south, I'm trying to scrape off the Mary Kay and show the real face however pock-marked of lady antebellum.
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18 Responses to Thoughts?

  1. Have mercy on me, O God,

    according to your steadfast love;

    according to your abundant mercy

    blot out my transgressions.

    Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity,

    and cleanse me from my sin! (Psalm 51:1, 2 ESV)

  2. ruthisvisual says:

    Speaking from a non-religious point of view, this is still extremely moving, and disturbing. I think the image is extremely strong, and the blood against the very simple, pure complexion of the skin is upsetting.
    The background’s very lonely.
    Really strong image.

    • toccopolasam says:

      I’m a bit partial but I agree completely. Rather your a believer in the message or not, it’s done in a way that you have to respect it (Can you hear the arrogance in my voice when I say that), and for that it is art. I wanted it to haunt the view like it has haunted me since it’s birth in my mind. What do you think about the idea of a series that focus on the thought of What if’s? I have an idea of a fetus sitting behind a president desk, a fetus wearing a doctors endoscope, a fetus mowing the lawn, a fetus kissing it’s soul mate (female being of normal age and build). Whatcha think about that?

      • ruthisvisual says:

        I think if it’s in your head, and it feels like you have to paint it, then paint it! What else is there to do?! It sounds like it’s pretty central to your views and feelings on life, so it sounds great. It’s obviously very provocative, but that’s not a negative thing. I’d say if you’ve got the heart for it, then do it, but don’t do it for the sake of provocation… I think the strength of this one comes from the strength of the feeling behind it.

      • ruthisvisual says:

        This visual made me think of your ‘what if’ idea..?

      • toccopolasam says:

        Awesome! !! Loved it! Love you sweet girl. Thanks for the comments.

  3. Religion4All says:

    I like the fragility implied … if one believes that Jesus could have gotten off the cross at any time, but chose to remain as a sacrifice for humanity … well, that’s a pretty fragile place to be. Like when he shouted “Why have you forsaken me?” to God … the human side; crying out like a baby to it’s parent.

  4. Hi dear friend! Here in Brazil there is a very current debate on legal abortion, this painting reflected both in their community and in my country … I waited a little while to comment because I did not have sufficient knowledge of English to express exactly what I think of this painting … I can say that there is great power in the concept and a deeper meaning. I think a painting is more political and not personal. My perception is influenced by current issues in my society.

  5. The viewer makes his own conclusions. That’s what makes a painting remains, across the time. I believe that should be accorded a time for painting find its true value.

    • toccopolasam says:

      Is it terrible that I have become addicted to your art work and comments. I literally look at my notifications several times a day to see if you have posted anything new or said something.

      • Tocco! you’re a amazing girl… unfortunate I was so busy at the moment, I’m redesign my official website, I will participate in three artshows and I have five artworks at auction (i don’t know the right translation for “Leilão”). Do not expect many posts. I read that your comment made ​​my day. Thank you so much amazing artist friend!Oh Tocco! You are realy amazing girl!

  6. Wow. What a beautiful and moving painting. I am currently working on a blog post which features pro-life art. Would you mind if I used this painting and linked it back to your blog?

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