What scares you

Last night was so surprisingly enjoyable! It’s nice to be able to speak to complete strangers about your art and they not only get it but are elated to meet the artist. I was one of the artist featured in The Caron Gallery in Tupelo ,Mississippi for what scares you. I submitted Bullshit and the dangers of innocence. The conversations were rich and reenergized why I paint what I paint, it’s not for everyone and I get that. For the brave who wish to think and balance on the line of social taboos for a moment it’s worth it all to be a free creative artist. I genuinely thank each person who gives me one of their most precious resources , their time. It’s humbling to have people who don’t have to care value my work. IMG_7167.JPG




About toccopolasam

Artist Statement: I'm an outsider artist of women's traditional arts. I've been categorized both as a folk artist and south Gothic artist. I'm not sure either category fits me, but I know my art is informed by a feminine gaze. I distrust labels of this kind. Like my grandmother sewing, I do this because I consider it beautiful. I believe in making art that has a narrative, one that creates an ambiance contributing to the visual effect of the work. Like all Southerners raised in the specter of Lost Cause discourse, memories haunt me and my work as an artist. Although southern Gothic is generally rendered in ockers and gray because of multiple layers of decay on the genre, I use garish, Madi Gras colors in defiance of the myth that Scarlett O Hara is alive and well and living in Toccopola. My art searches the landscape for signs of the new south, I'm trying to scrape off the Mary Kay and show the real face however pock-marked of lady antebellum.
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One Response to What scares you

  1. helenbirdart says:

    awesome work! I LOVE IT!!!!!

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